World Health Day: Building a healthier world

Health is not just about physical well-being but also about the mental and social aspects. A person is said to be healthy if he/she possesses all three. According to the WHO, health is central to human happiness and well-being. It also makes an important contribution to economic progress, as healthy populations live longer and are more productive.

Every year on 7 April, World Health Day is observed. In order to celebrate this day, people around the world participate in activities and attend seminars that are related to the topic of health. It is the day that usually marks the beginning of a new campaign that seeks to promote a healthy world.

"The greatest wealth is health." -Virgil


World Health Day History

According to the information available on the website of the World Health Organization, the idea was proposed in 1948 by the First World Health Assembly. Since 1950, the day has been observed on 7 April. Every year, a different campaign is proposed and stakeholders work towards achieving it. The main aim of the day is to create awareness of a specific health theme to highlight a priority area of concern for the World Health Organization.


World Health Day Significance

Observing World Health Day is considered important because it is an opportunity to draw the attention of the world towards a specific health problem and raise awareness about it. As per WHO, long-term advocacy campaigns are usually launched on World Health Day.


World Health Day 2021 Theme

The theme for World Health Day 2021 is ‘Building a fairer, healthier world’. Stating that our world is unequal, WHO said that the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted how some people can have better access to health services and live healthier lives than others.

On World Health Day 2021, WHO insists that the sufferings and illnesses faced by some of the groups are preventable. The organization has proposed four major steps in achieving its goal. They are working together, collecting reliable data, tackling inequities, and acting beyond borders.

The campaign highlights WHO's constitutional principle that "the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health is one of the fundamental rights of every human being without distinction of race, religion, political belief, economic or social condition."


How can you achieve Good Health?

The following ways can help you achieve good health:

  • Eat healthy meals
  • Add more fruits and vegetables to your diet
  • Drink a sufficient amount of water
  • Do regular exercise
  • Wash your hand before eating
  • Get enough sleep
  • Practice meditation
  • Avoid smoking, tobacco, alcohol, caffeine, and sugary drinks.