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Dr. (Prof.) P.K. Bharti

Dr. V Raghu Raman

To join as a member and chance of Advisory Committee Member Prof. Raghu Raman was working in ICT in Oman since 2008 and has recently returned to INDIA. Currently holding a position of CEO in MIRA consulting firm.He is also a soft skills trainer for corporates as well as for the student community. Teaching hundreds of management students from different academic institutions & B schools including ICFAI, ICWAI & CA institute, has had a stimulating effect on the teacher and the taught. His 35 +yrs of experience in corporates and academic institutions, combined with a strong passion for training, has had an indelible impress on the professional and personal lives of his participants. Trained 3000 students on employability skills. His Doctoral degree is an added feather in his cap. Member of editorial Board for a couple of journals in India and one US journal.(Blue water Institute journal USA) Blue ocean Journal Review –INDIA) International Journal of Management Academy USA. He is a key note speaker in various international conferences also speaker in plenary sessions. Head –Advisory Board in IAAC