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Dr. (Prof.) P.K. Bharti

Mr. Deepak Ambasta

A result oriented professional with 27+ years of experience in Safety Management and Team Management. A keen performer with expertise in managing entire H.S.E operations with key focus on top line & bottom line profitability by ensuring optimal utilization of resources. Competency in developing & implementing safety management system; conducting compliance audits, advising on safety requirements, and maintaining sound safety standards as per management system guidelines. Adept at managing maintenance of various equipment for reducing downtime and enhancing operational effectiveness. Effective communicator & negotiator with strong analytical, problem solving & organizational abilities. I am an endeavor to intrude into various areas of safety. This includes formulation of safety, health & environment policy, prepare safety plan, Compliance of statutory requirement, Organizing meeting & presentations on safety, Implementation of safety regulation as mentioned in safety plan/manual, Safety training , Fire training , Formation and reporting of safety statistics & Identifying trends and areas requiring more attention , Organizing safety committee meeting to participate safety, conducting safety audit, Conducting mock drill, and Managing the Project in respect of safety. By having multifarious knowledge of different spheres, I shall be aspiring to Managerial skills for optimum control of Project in terms of safe technologies and Challenging Career