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Dr. (Prof.) P.K. Bharti

Ms. Anchal Sharma

Responsible for collecting data (Quantitative and Qualitative data) from the reports and website of company or other external sites (if the information regarding the requirement was not available on companies internal sites) like Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, Reuters, etc). Collecting articles and media releases (recent ones) on various controversies surrounding the company. Analyzing the collected data with respect to the clients defined criteria/ questionnaire, in form of ratings supported with comments/ rationale in Research tools like Robaco SAM, SP Global, etc. Providing appropriate sourcing/ references as per the information gathered. Questionnaires vary according to company's utility sector or industry which needs to be assessed as per the ESG criteria. Assessment was done on the basis of three criteria named Economical, Environmental and Social Governance. Looking for company's income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statements from company's latest Annual Reports or Proxy Statements when working on the economical part, where we need to work on net revenue and tax strategy part. Looking for Environment and Social related information from company's latest Sustainability Report, helpful in gathering information regarding the electricity generation, water related and employee related information like total females working, and work related fatalities, etc. Worked on different sectors like ELC (Electricity generation, delivering), MUW (Water utility companies), OGX (Oil and Gas generation Companies), Consumer Service sectors. Writing structured summary or critique on overall ESG performance of the company. Preparing the Benchmarking reports.